Beef Burger Recipe

Beef Burger

Beef Burger

If you’ve never had a go at a beef burger recipe, make sure you try this one. Freshly made beef burgers are delicious and much more filling than shop bought, as they contain no preservatives or cereals and are simply meat and flavourings.

You can adapt this recipe in many ways. You could add in a couple of small chopped seeded chilli’s to give it a kick, or you could just use a herb like parsley or chives to give your burgers a freshness.

A lovely thing to do is once you have your beef burger mixture made, take about half of the amount you’d normally use for a burger and pat it flat. Put a cube of cheese on top – try mozzarella for stringiness or something like Stilton for a stronger flavour. Use the rest of the burger mixture on top and pat flat so the cheese is completely covered.


  • 1 onion
  • 500g lean minced steak
  • 1 egg
  • Salt and pepper
  • Vegetable oil to cook

Method of Preparation:

To prepare the onion, peel, cut through the middle, and top and tail it. (Take off the top and bottom stalks).

Place the onion flat side down on your board. Slice into it horizontally three or four times. Slice into it three or four times vertically. Now, slice down on it as if you were doing onion rings. You should now have a diced onion. You do need a good knife for this though, so if you don’t have one, you could always try grating the onion. It makes it very small and easy to manage.

Put the mince into a bowl and knead into it with your fingers.

Add salt and pepper and mix thoroughly.

Beat the egg so it is fully combined. Make sure there is no white combined with the yolk, you want it fully combined! Otherwise, you may end up with bits of scrambled eggs in your burger.

Mix everything together, but mix it with your hands. Make sure the onion is fully combined all the way through. Spoon mixing alone will not combine everything properly.

Divide the mixture into four and pat them into rough burger shapes.

Cook in a frying pan. Heat the oil and make sure it isn’t too hot. Put the burgers in and cook until browned on the one side, then turn over. Cook on a low heat until there is no pinkness in the middle.

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  1. Beef Burger Recipe…

    A traditional beef burger recipe – delicious and incredibly easy to make….

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